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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kachina Dolls

Our Native American unit is underway!  We will  be studying the culture by regions: Southwest, Woodlands, Plains, and the West.  Each week we study a new region.  The days are broken up with reading and note-taking, a Discovery Education video to support the reading with note-taking, tribal map identification, and finally a day of fun facts and/or a craft.

For our first week, we studied Native Americans of the Southwest and the Hopi tribe.  The Hopi are know for their kachina ceremonies, which are an important part of the Hopi religion.  The Hopi kachinas are spirits who can visit Hopi villages for half of every year. They are believed to bring rain and help crops grow.  They also show people how to live and behave (Our Nation p.58).

Students had the choice to make a traditional kachina or a personal one, which metaphorically represents them in some way.  Enjoy the kachinas that were made this week and see if you can tell if the kachinas are traditional or personal.

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